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Rally For Tennis

Tait Oberg




May 18, 2022


The Second Annual Event Is Expanding To New Jersey

The second annual Rally for Tennis (“RFT”) service event will be held at the Longfellow New England Tennis Academy at Brandeis University, on Monday, August 15th, from 12 - 4 pm. A free tennis clinic will be offered, followed by games, prizes, and raffles. During lunch, the athletes will engage in Q&A with the Ambassadors, highly ranked junior players who participate in RFT, to learn more about their tennis experience and local opportunities. The event will conclude with an ice cream truck. The event benefits Advantage Kids, a nonprofit development organization in New Hampshire, serving resilience to hundreds of at-risk youths by providing financial assistance to aspiring under-resourced tennis players and access to positive mental health practices. Its mission is to give youth a lifelong advantage, on and off the courts.

Rally for Tennis was founded in 2021 by three junior tennis players: Alek Karagozyan, Tait Oberg, and Cole Oberg. Recognizing the impact tennis has had on them, they wanted to give back to the sport and help those less fortunate, but equally as passionate and deserving, to have access. With the enthusiastic support of many people and sponsors, RFT hosted its inaugural event in August 2021 and raised over $12,000 for Advantage Kids. “A year ago, we were just three buddies who wanted to give back to the sport we love so much. Turning that passion into an event that yielded such positive results was very fulfilling. In addition, recruiting Ambassadors, other highly ranked juniors to serve as participants and mentors to the younger athletes, was very rewarding. It is exciting to be working together as a team to make a difference in the lives of others,” comments Alek Karagozyan, co-founder. The positive feedback from the junior tennis community and our corporate sponsors was overwhelming. As a result, it became clear to the founders that the Rally for Tennis movement had the power to effect change in other communities as well. Based on our feedback, we felt compelled to expand our mission to other parts of the country. We are excited about the opportunity to work with our New Jersey "Friends of RFT" to assist and serve the under-resourced tennis communities in their area. We look forward to continuing to deliver on our mission to provide support to as many kids as we can,” said Tait Oberg, co-founder. In addition to holding the second annual RFT event at Brandeis University this August, the organization is excited to announce that RFT will expand to West Orange, New Jersey, and will host a second event on Tuesday, August 23rd. RFT is proud to help the sport of tennis increase its accessibility among all communities and cultivate a healthy, lifelong passion with the next generation of athletes.

Rally for Tennis is a nonprofit organization founded in June 2021 by Alek Karagozyan, Tait Oberg, and Cole Oberg, whose mission is to help afford equal access to the sport of tennis to youth in under-resourced communities. In addition to the second annual event in New Hampshire, the organization is expanding its reach with an additional event in West Orange, New Jersey, in the summer of 2022. For additional information or media kits, please contact Tait Oberg at or visit


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